Quirky Berserky the Turkey from Turkey
Release Date: 07/08/2012
Catalogue No.: RASCO25-2
Record Label: Independent
Format: CD


A New Double Length Single CD, Quirky Berserky (The Turkey from Turkey) (77'54") - 26 tracks and a 12 page beautifully illustrated coloured booklet with all the lyrics - Gorgeous melodies, lyrics that are both whimsical and beautiful and featuring Peter's delightfully eccentric vocals, the superb Quirky Berserky Band, a bluegrass group, the exquisite sounds of the Zephyr String Quartet, the debut of Peter's grandson Oli (possibly the best 3 year old singer in Australia!), 2 new Classic Fairy Tales songs, 2 children's choirs (Young Adelaide Voices and the Glee Club), lots of solos by different kids aged from 3-11 and a sooo...quirky cameo by ARIA winning jazz vocalists The Idea of North - probably his most eclectic album yet! Beautifully arranged and recorded with Peter's usual fastidious attention to detail.


Track Listing: 1. Quirky Berserky (the turkey from Turkey) / 2. Nod when it's yes  / 3. Sing It Sing It / 4 .Red Says Stop / 5. Some People / 6. Up Up into the sky / 7. Bluegrass Ifs  / 8. The Song About Captain Cook / 9. Rock Scissors Paper  / 10. Never No Never No Never  / 11. I heard there were fairies... / 12. Welcome to the Autumn  / 13. Not Zee (grandissimo) / 14. Rock this Little baby / 15. Not Zee (stringissimo) / 16. Pinocchio's Nose  / 17. Not Zee (vocalissimo) / 18. You Like the Blue Sky and I like the Gray  / 19. The Emperor's New Clothes  / 20. Magic Carpet 123  / 21. A Brussel Sprout / 22. Standing in the Shower / 23. Cooking with Jeffrey Hill / 24. Mildred finds the Juicy Juicy Green Grass / 25. The Dreaded Chopsticks Curse / 26. Red Says Stop (just Oli)

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