Release Date: 18/04/2014
Catalogue No.: MAC1085
Record Label: Mack Avenue
Format: CD

MACROSCOPE, the fifth album and Mack Avenue debut by his adventurous trio The Nels Cline Singers, provides a measure of the long-running group's staggering range. Captivating and continually surprising, the album finds the instrumental trio with the slyly deceptive name veering in one off-kilter direction only to suddenly be overwhelmed by another drastic stylistic shift, often within the space of a single tune. Serrated psychedelia becomes consumed by soulful Brasiliana, blissed-out electronica overwhelmed by garage-rock skronk. Then there's the wholly unexpected 'Red Before Orange,' where a howling Hendrix-inspired solo suddenly erupts in the middle of a slick lounge-jazz number, Cline unleashing the inner George Benson that few of us expected he even had.Nels Cline - guitars, effects, voice, Quintronics Drum Buddy. Scott Amendola - drums, percussion, electronic treatments/loops, mbira. Trevor Dunn - basses, effects.Additional musician guests:Yuka C. Honda - electric piano, OP-1. Cyro Baptista - percussion universe.Josh Jones - congas, other percussion. Zeena Parkin-electric harp.

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